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With Communication Strategist & Founder and Chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute, Inc.
Arthur Samuel Joseph, MA

06/22/2024 6:00:00 PM
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Discover the transformative power of Vocal Awareness® a potent method of communication mastery involving a proven collection of effective techniques and strategies that will help you improve your vocal and communication skills, discover and claim your authentic voice, positively influence others, and embody the highest essence of your true Self.

Are you ready to unlock the full power of your voice, evolve your communication skills, and claim your most authentic Self in just seven minutes a day of focused practice?

If you’re seeking a powerful tool to enhance your vocal and communication presence, connect with your Self and others on a deeper level, and master the art of communicating with clarity and confidence...

... world-renowned communication strategist and vocal coach Arthur Samuel Joseph, the founder of Vocal Awareness, will help you find and unleash the power of your voice and transform multiple dimensions of your life by guiding you through a variety of techniques and principles to enhance your voice and the way you embody your true Self.

The Vocal Awareness Method is important for anyone who wishes to create a positive impact when they speak and influence others for the highest good of all...

... whether you speak in front of groups at your job, on your career path, or as part of your community advocacy... or you simply want to communicate more clearly and heartfully in your relationships with family and friends.

The Shift Network is excited to announce a rare opportunity to bring you a celebrated leader in this field to share a body of work that he’s established and perfected over 60 years.

Join Arthur for a free video event in which he’ll provide insights into the principles and evolutionary aspects of Vocal Awareness, and how it can revolutionize your communication (and life!) skills in just seven minutes a day of focused practice.

Arthur teaches a systematic process for achieving communication mastery a metaphor for life mastery which ignites your capacity to express your true Self at any time, anywhere, no matter the circumstances, as you release the facade many of us inhabit in our desire to please.

In this event, Arthur will focus primarily on the transformative practice of the “7 Rituals” one of the primary techniques of Vocal Awareness which serve as a roadmap for unearthing your true voice (and your true Self!), tapping into your higher consciousness, and helping you fulfill your true purpose. You’ll also discover the two greatest fears that we all confront... and how to release them.

As Arthur guides you through the 7 Rituals, you may experience your voice in a way you never have before. They were designed to help you learn how to source your inner wisdom, enabling you to life in integrity and authenticity at all times.

As you learn practical tools for elevating your conscious awareness, you’ll gain a deep understanding of how your vocal prowess can elevate your sense of self and higher purpose strengthening your confidence and your capacity to inspire others more effectively than ever before.


In this inspiring hour-long event, you’ll:

  • Discover the “7 Rituals of Vocal Awareness,” focusing primarily on the seventh ritual “Be My Self” and learn how to drop your facade and embody your true Self (in both your voice and your life)
  • Explore how conscious awareness can help you cultivate presence and authenticity in your interactions
  • Experience the third ritual technique called “​​Allowing a Slow, Silent, Conscious, Loving Breath” to drop into a compassionate and receptive way of being with your Self and others
  • Learn how to step into your personal sovereignty through the second ritual “Love and Let Go” practicing a more empowered stature while connecting with your inner source of strength and authority
  • Understand the importance of pitch and pace in your communication and how they serve to change people’s perceptions of you, as you participate in the fifth ritual “Take My Time”
  • Experience the “Visceral Language” and “The Body Speaks” techniques to grasp the concept of hubris as a positive force in achieving self-mastery and owning your truth

Vocal Awareness is designed to teach communication mastery through a dedicated practice of highly specific exercises, vocal warm-ups, and storytelling skills to cultivate an embodied and enhanced personal and leadership presence, as well as a connection to your higher consciousness.

Arthur’s breakthrough work can help you embody all that you’re capable of being to maximize your potential and fulfill your goals. His stated goal is to help people achieve their own enlightenment and enjoy their own empowerment.

You’ll walk away with practical tools you can immediately integrate into your daily life for deeper self-knowledge and clarity transforming the stories you tell yourself about yourself and heightening your sense of imagination and vision.

When you attend this workshop, you’ll also be among the first to hear about Arthur’s brand-new 7-week live video course, in which you’ll dive deeper into Vocal Awareness and learn how to imprint your true Self on your mind/body/spirit...

... so you can be the best of who you are choosing, moment by moment, to embody your most empowered Self in every conversation and every action by enhancing your energy and vibration through the power of your voice.

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Join this FREE video event with world-renowned voice coach Arthur Samuel Joseph for a rare opportunity to explore Vocal Awareness® a potent method of communication mastery to improve your vocal skills, claim your authentic voice, and embody the highest essence of your true Self.

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06/22/2024 6:00:00 PM

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What People Are Saying About Arthur Samuel Joseph...


NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade:
“I Hope Everybody Out There Can Feel My Sincere Love for This Man”

“Arthur Samuel Joseph’s Vocal Awareness techniques continue to help enhance my vocal stature.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor, actor, and bodybuilder

“[Arthur] has become a good friend whose teachings of Vocal Awareness have been a constant in my life.”

Arthur Samuel Joseph started as a teacher of mine (many) years ago. Over these years, he has become a good friend whose teachings of Vocal Awareness have been a constant in my life.
Pierce Brosnan, actor

“If you are searching for the power within, through Vocal Awareness you can find the sound of your soul.”

Quincy Jones, award-winning music producer

“Vocal Awareness  it’s a conscious spiritual connection between your voice and your inner calling.”

Emmit Smith, NFL Hall Of Famer


About Arthur Samuel Joseph

Arthur Samuel Joseph, MA, founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute, is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on the human voice. 

A renowned teacher and mentor, Arthur’s mission is to change the world through voice. His proprietary voice and leadership training program, Vocal Awareness®, teaches communication mastery through a disciplined regimen of highly specific techniques, vocal warm-ups, and storytelling skills designed to help cultivate an embodied and enhanced leadership and personal presence.

What emerges is an integrative and integral communication style that Arthur has taught globally for more than six decades. His varied client list includes national and international leaders in politics, business, entertainment, broadcasting, and the hospitality industries as well as world-class athletes, motivational speakers, life coaches, noted actors, singers, and other luminaries of the stage and screen.  

Formerly on the faculty at the University of Southern California School of Theatre, he has been a visiting artist at both Yale and George Washington Universities, and a visiting professor in the New York University graduate program, among many others nationally and internationally. 

His lifelong dedication to changing the world through voice imbues his work with a vital sense of urgency, as our relationships, our culture, our nation, and our global community become increasingly dependent upon communication technology and social media to do the work of communication.