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With Psychotherapist, Trauma Specialist & Ordained Priestess
Elayne Kalila Doughty

12/14/2023 1:30:00 AM
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Including Special Messages From Nicola Amadora, Diana DuBrow, Dr. Sue Morter, Eileen McKusick, Achintya Devi, Miranda Macpherson, Thema Azize Serwa, and Aja Solé Shah


An Introduction to a 9-Month Immersion of Sacred Initiations

How might you expand in new ways if you embarked on a path of rebirthing yourself in the spirit and lineage of Mary Magdalene?

Open yourself to a uniquely feminine path of initiation, healing, and liberation that is sourced in hidden traditions, consecrated to divine embodiment, and grounded in the reclamation of sacred healing arts.

What if Mary Magdalene's historical portrayal was intended to elevate and celebrate the Divine Feminine rather than suppress it? And how could that empower your own spiritual blossoming?

It’s increasingly clear to mystics, scholars, and priestesses that it’s time for a new chapter in society — one in which the gifts, blessings, and activations of the Sacred Feminine are welcomed and championed as essential medicine for all of humanity.

It’s the foundation out of which we can co-create a peaceful planet.

But how do we undertake this spiritual transformation?

Mary Magdalene holds important keys to help us release the falsehoods and lies we are told about ourselves and our bodies, which are designed to shrink us rather than liberate us.

The Path of the Magdalene is a gateway to an initiatory descent into the energies, potentials, and gifts of the Divine Feminine. It’s a healing journey that empowers you to live more powerfully and joyfully within your own body, paving the way for releasing old stories and embracing ALL of yourself — rather than just a portion of your inherent nature.

Join Elayne Kalila Doughty and Devaa Haley Mitchell for an enlightening 90-minute event, where they’ll guide you into a deeper understanding of Mary Magdalene as guide, role model, and sister to us all.

Experience a powerful ritual illuminating that which needs releasing in order to fully inhabit your divine humanity…

… and begin the process of healing the emotional scars left by the marginalization of the feminine, embarking on a path to become a potent conduit of healing for others.


In this empowering free online event, you’ll:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of Mary Magdalene the woman, taking her off the iconic pedestal and making her more accessible and human
  • Learn how to work with Mary Magdalene using an archetypal lens, utilizing her as a conduit to embody various facets of the Divine Feminine within yourself
  • Understand the centrality of the Descent archetype for feminine transformation, from the myth of Inanna to Mary Magdalene’s own journey
  • Experience a transformative removing-of-the-crown ritual, expanding your ability to release parts of yourself that feel superior to others… so you can cultivate genuine humility 
  • Begin to cultivate the resilience of your heart to see and alchemize the wounds of separation

With deft guidance, you’ll immerse yourself in a practice that emphasizes the energies and qualities of Mary Magdalene, facilitating a deeper connection to those very same qualities within yourself.

You’ll also be among the first to hear about their brand new 9-month Path of the Magdalene immersion program. This highly experiential program offers you the unique opportunity to learn potent tools and techniques to help you embody and emanate Mary Magdalene’s sacred example.

Elayne and Devaa will take you on a sacred journey with globally respected healers, priestesses, and guides in the spirit and healing lineage of Mary Magdalene...

... so you can expand your capacity to be a conduit of change for our planet, ushering in transformative shifts not only for yourself, but for the collective consciousness of our world.

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12/14/2023 1:30:00 AM

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What People Are Saying About Elayne Kalila Doughty...

“[Elayne Kalila] deeply connects with all...”

She is stunning in her grace, ease, and flow. She glides onto the stage and immediately jumps into a deep, soulful transparency that is beautiful. She deeply connects with all, touching everyone in the audience, making friends across all barriers; she has a natural ability to touch the room. Elayne Kalila is effortless in her ability to bring depth, connection, the hard questions, and delightful playfulness all in one package. She has it all. Whether to a room of 40 or a room of 4,000, Elayne Kalila can touch and transform your audience.
— Lisa Nichols, New York Times bestselling author of No Matter What, featured teacher in The Secret, and world-renowned speaker


“Elayne Kalila walks her path with passionate integrity and a truly abundant heart.”

Elayne Kalila Doughty is the walking, talking, breathing embodiment of what it means to be a modern-day priestess. Her decades of professional training, deep study, and commitment to women’s awakening is as obvious when you encounter her as her magnificent red hair. Elayne Kalila walks her path with passionate integrity and a truly abundant heart. Being a “priestess” isn’t some trendy new label to adopt; if you are a serious practitioner looking for mentoring on the authentic path of what it means to priestess, you would be well-served to lean in here.
— Lisa Schrader, founder of Awakening Shakti


“There are those rare individuals who truly walk their talk...”

There are those rare individuals who truly walk their talk; Elayne Kalila not only does this with embodied grace, but equally with vigilant, tender consideration of the hearts of all who come within her community. Being a part of an impeccable and profound container, especially now during these turbulent times will serve any who are called to walk the Priestess Path with the practical, grounded, and masterful guidance of one of the rare living priestesses of our time.
— Dr. Saida Desilets, author of Desire and advocate of sexual sovereignty


What People Are Saying About Rev. Dr. Devaa Haley Mitchell...

“[Devaa] helped me in a million ways I cannot even describe.”

Devaa helped me lead from my authenticity, connect with my depth, and open in ways that proved energizing and effective. Her support enabled me to go to a whole new level in my public presentation and bring new qualities to my leadership. She helped me in a million ways I cannot even describe.
Marci Shimoff, bestselling author with over 14 million books sold


“I always want to hear more from Devaa.”

I honor her for all that she does, and I always want to hear more from Devaa. She holds a very beautiful and powerful place. I look forward to all the gifts that she has forthcoming.
— Marianne Williamson, internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer


“I saw many people transformed by [Devaa's] generosity...”

Devaa is a wonderfully passionate and clear transmitter of the mysteries of the Divine Feminine. She’s compassionate and wise and has a rich variety of skills she uses with great precision to inspire and encourage. I had the delight to teach a retreat with her and found her a truly loving and helpful collaborator. I saw many people transformed by her generosity and lit up by the joyful passion she communicated so tirelessly. I salute her pioneering work.
— Andrew Harvey, author, mystical teacher, and founder of the Institute of Sacred Activism


“I thank [Devaa] for all she’s doing on behalf of women.”

I love being with Devaa, and each time I look forward to it. I’ve had the opportunity to co-create some of the magnificence that she’s up to in the world in empowering women to find their voices, own their voices, and use their voices to elevate and celebrate themselves and one another — as well as our brethren on this planet. So I thank her for all she’s doing on behalf of women.
— Lisa Nichols, motivational speaker, media personality, and CEO of Motivating the Masses, whose global platform has served nearly 30 million people


“We released and healed major patterns that were stuck for me.”

The time (or should I say timelessness) that I spent with Devaa was profound. We released and healed major patterns that were stuck for me. After years of seeing all kinds of “experts,” I can honestly say that the time I spent with Devaa broke something loose and now I feel burden-free, as well as much lighter and more joyful. I recommend her work to anyone who is ready to fly.
— Marcia Wieder, CEO and founder of Dream University®


About Elayne Kalila Doughty

Elayne Kalila Doughty has been on a path of passionate service for the past 30 years, inspiring women around the world to unleash their leadership gifts and step into their full potential. She specializes in helping women tap into their deepest wisdom, enabling them to harness their own transformational power to be more effective and whole in every aspect of their lives. She is a psychotherapist, spiritual activist, author, speaker, soul midwife, and ordained priestess and focalizer of the 13 Moon Mystery School, founded by Ariel Spilsbury.

Elayne Kalila is the founder of the Priestess Presence Temple — Powerful Women Changing the World, which has more than 80,000 women members worldwide. In this dedicated temple of the 13 Moon Mystery School, she offers in-depth Mystery School training for women who are called to ground in real practice, devoted embodiment, and service in the world. She is also the co-founder of the Rosa Mystica Mystery School, which trains women as modern-day scent-anointing priestesses. She is passionate about opening the ancient mysteries of the Divine Feminine into our modern-day lives so all women can step more fully into serving from a place of love, presence, and purpose.

She’s the author of The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess: Birthing of a New Divine Feminine Archetype and a contributing author to The Path of the Priestess: A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine.


About Devaa Haley Mitchell

Rev. Dr. Devaa Haley Mitchell is a transformational leader who helps people reconnect with their spiritual depths, unleash their leadership gifts, and step into their full potential.

Devaa, the co-founder of The Shift Network, helped launch the company and build its culture, contributed to the design and structure of many core offerings, and set up Shift’s social change initiatives and philanthropic activities.

She is an ordained priestess and focalizer of the 13 Moon Mystery School, founded by Ariel Spilsbury, and the founder and host of the Inspiring Women with Soul series, which has served over 130,000 women from more than 160 countries.

Devaa now works as a Leadership Trainer and Coach at Aurum Leadership International, where she supports corporate and nonprofit clients on the “people side of business.” Aurum is dedicated to creating vibrant, thriving, human-centered environments where individuals and teams can thrive and do their best work.

Through her private practice, Radiant Essence Services, Devaa offers personal coaching and VIP retreats for clients from around the world. She guides her clients to work on the “outer” work of strategy and implementation as well as the “inner” soul work of visionary leadership.

Devaa, who earned her BA and MA from Stanford University, received her doctorate in Ministry from Wisdom University (now known as Ubiquity University), and is also an ordained interfaith minister. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for her ecological anthropology work with Indigenous groups in the Brazilian Amazon.

Earlier in her career, Devaa was a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group where she consulted with Fortune 500 Companies. She later worked as the founding Executive Director of the Full Circle Fund, a thriving venture philanthropy group, followed by a senior director role at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. She is a member of the prestigious Evolutionary Leaders group.