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With Author & Certified BLSR (Between Lives Soul Regression) Hypnotist
Rob Schwartz
& Channel for the Beings of Light
Liesel Fricke

07/17/2024 12:30:00 AM
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Glimpse your pre-birth plan through the eyes of your soul during a powerful meditation guided by the Beings of Light to understand why all your experiences are deeply meaningful and can serve as catalysts for expressing your fundamental nature of love.

It takes courage and tenacity to live a human life here on Earth.

We can often feel overwhelmed and burdened by all it entails, especially when challenges inevitably arise.

Yet, there is a powerful perspective we can embrace to find solace, acceptance, peace, self-compassion, and even liberation as we navigate through life’s peaks and valleys...

Consider that each of us planned our own life the parents we were born to, the relationships we engage in, even the challenges we face to evolve as a soul and embody admirable divine virtues.

These divine virtues are the many facets of divine love and are how we give and receive divine love at the human level.

The pre-birth plan perspective also comforts us with the knowledge that we never journey alone. Our soul, our guides and angels, as well as countless light beings are always accompanying us, eager to guide us to summits of joy if we simply trust and follow their lead.

In this context, we understand that we can raise our consciousness and vibration to influence our life’s trajectory. We can even shift out of victim consciousness one of the biggest impediments to moving forward.

During this extraordinary hour with Certified​ BLSR (Between Lives Soul Regression) hypnotist Rob Schwartz and his wife, Liesel Fricke, a prolific channeller of Beings of Light energies and wisdom...

... you’ll discover the powerful healing shift you can make by viewing your life with the understanding that you not only planned it you have the power to upgrade that plan when you make the choice to consciously evolve.

Rob teaches that most of what is set at birth is tentative, not a certainty. There are actually many potential life plans that may unfold...

Through soul regression (hypnosis-induced inner journeys) to help people explore and understand their pre-birth plans, Rob has seen numerous people confidently take the reins of their lives and shift their course for the better.

By choosing to evolve consciously, they upgraded their life plan to a higher-frequency version filled with more peace, love, and joy.

Rob has also seen many individuals come to terms with trauma, sickness, or the loss of a loved one and find peace, forgiveness, gratitude, and love through the understanding that the soul ultimately makes its choices for its own evolution.

Expanding on this concept, Rob and Liesel will provide fascinating insights into why a soul chooses to incarnate on Earth during particularly challenging times like the global shifts we’re experiencing now a period he refers to as a time of Ascension.

These are times of heightened anxiety and fear in which the perceived chaos actually contains the potential jolt that can serve as a catalyst for transformation encouraging you to surrender to the true safety of the Oneness within.

When you join us for this powerful online event, Rob will lead you in an inspiring inward journey to glimpse your life through the eyes of your soul and understand how all your experiences are deeply meaningful... AND how they’re catalysts for the expression of your fundamental nature, which is love.

This beautiful guided reconnection with the vantage point of your soul was received by Liesel specifically for this online event through a channeling from the Beings of Light, a group of deeply wise and loving light beings.

You’ll also learn about your glorious higher self the highest vibrational and truest essence of you and how getting more deeply in touch with your higher self opens the doorway to direct communication from Unity Consciousness and the loving, wise, high-vibrational beings that reside in this state of Oneness.


During this life-enhancing hour, you’ll:

  • Explore the perspective that you created your own pre-birth plan, including your life challenges, and how opening to and embracing this frame of reference can bring more peace, comfort, gratitude, and love into your life
  • Glimpse your life through the eyes of your soul in a powerful guided meditation where you’ll learn how all your experiences are deeply meaningful AND serve as catalysts for the expression of your fundamental nature of love
  • Discover the divine virtues (such as patience, compassion, forgiveness, and self-love) as fruits of your agreement to work through the challenges in your life and why some souls choose to inhabit Earth in tumultuous times
  • Learn how soul regression (a hypnosis-induced inner journey) and deep immersive meditation can help you connect, communicate, and commune with your soul, angels, guides, loving light beings, AND the love that you are
  • Discover the Beings of Light who dwell in Unity Consciousness and how their wisdom can support you while pursuing your soul’s highest goals

Rob, who unveiled his own pre-birth plan in the course of a major life transition and personal awakening, has guided hundreds through hypnotic regressions to glimpse and understand their pre-birth plans and become empowered to live their lives for the better.

When you join us for this soul-stirring hour with Rob and Liesel, you’ll also hear about their 7-week live video program that’s back by popular demand. In this transformational course, you’ll explore your own pre-birth plan, the divine virtues you’re cultivating in this lifetime, and the self-empowering ways you can guide the trajectory of your life and evolve consciously... for greater inner peace, acceptance, happiness, and love.

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07/17/2024 12:30:00 AM

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What People Are Saying About Rob Schwartz and Liesel Fricke...

“It was an awesome experience!”

I wanted to experience a deeper meditation state and was interested in experiencing hypnosis-induced inner journeying from Rob. It was an awesome experience!


Tauranga, New Zealand

EDIT 2746
“It was by far the most emotional moment of this [current] life.”

I had the great experience of a between-life [regression] with Robert Schwartz. It was by far the most emotional moment of this [current] life. I went back to the death experience of one of my not proud [past] lives and forward into the soul completion of the lessons of that life. Hopefully, that was the last time I have to learn the remarkable responsibility of CHOOSING the right subsequent lives!

Norm Shealy, MD
EDIT 2747
“This is such valuable work in this time of transition in human consciousness.”

For me the session was a remarkable clearing to my inner guidance and a deeper understanding and confirmation that I am on track with my soul plan. The technique Rob used was clear, relaxing, and comforting. This is such valuable work in this time of transition in human consciousness.

Sandy S.

Cheshire, United Kingdom

EDIT 2748
“After my sessions, I have experienced wonderful feelings of love and serenity within me.”

Robert created an environment in which I felt truly comfortable and let go of all my worries. Whenever I got into a place of uncertainty, he effortlessly guided me through. I communicated with a spiritual being from whom I felt tremendous encouragement to start healing my insecurities and fears. Since my sessions, I have experienced wonderful feelings of love and serenity within me. I have come to understand that I can deal with my challenges in a smooth, natural way by becoming more loving toward myself and the surrounding world. It is a deeply comforting and empowering experience for which I am profoundly grateful.

Eva S.

Czech Republic

EDIT 2749
“I highly recommend Robert’s expertise to anyone searching to look deeply within…”

My session helped free me of feelings of guilt and self-blame, and it allowed me to open my heart to self-love. I enjoyed the experience immensely, and I had loads of fun and laughter when I met my soul group! I highly recommend Robert's expertise to anyone searching to look deeply within and get clear answers from Spirit.

Natalia P.


EDIT 2750
“Rob and Liesel are a treasure, and I’ll take a class with them anytime!”

I learned so much from this course about ascension, vibrational frequency, awareness v ego, and much more. I feel it has helped me be more patient and grounded, and less anxious. I enjoyed the channeled messages for living into our higher selves, and the meditations for letting go of ego and experiencing deep connection with Spirit/Oneness. The class was well-paced, taught with knowledge, humor, and grace. Rob and Liesel are a treasure, and I’ll take a class with them anytime!!

Linda S.

Federal Way, Washington

EDIT 5021

About Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz, Certified BLSR (Between Lives Soul Regression) hypnotist, had a profound spiritually transformative experience in 2003, in which he felt divine, unconditional love for everyone and in which he understood that we as souls are made literally from the energy of divine, unconditional love. 

This experience prompted him to leave the corporate world and devote his life to the study of pre-birth planning the concept that we ourselves plan our lives, including our biggest challenges, before we are born. 

This perspective can help people awaken, heal, and understand the deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of their most difficult experiences. The awareness that we ourselves chose those experiences empowers people to emerge from victim consciousness, forgive themselves and others, and transform suffering into acceptance, gratitude, peace, and joy.

Rob is the author of three books about pre-birth planning: Your Soul’s Plan… Your Soul’s Gift… and Your Soul’s Love. His books have been translated into 28 languages.

In his private sessions, and in group workshops and classes that he co-teaches with his wife, Liesel Fricke, Rob uses his training and many years of experience to help lead people into expanded states of consciousness to receive answers to their questions about their pre-birth plans and experience the love that they and all beings are.


About Liesel Fricke

After undergoing an enormous arc of personal evolution, Liesel Fricke, a mystic and channel, now helps people all over the world transform their own consciousnesses and lives through the workshops she co-teaches with her husband, Rob Schwartz. 

Liesel experienced firsthand that difficult life challenges can be powerful vehicles of transformation when we allow them to crack us open. In response to her own intense struggles with severe obsessive compulsive disorder and depression, Liesel opened and surrendered to the very depths of her being. The spiritual awakening that followed led to her capacity to connect with Unity Consciousness (Oneness) and the loving, wise beings that reside in this state of consciousness, who she and Rob affectionately call the Beings of Light.

It’s Liesel’s highest priority and greatest honor to share the profound love and wisdom of these highly evolved light beings in the messages, teachings, and meditations she channels. She’s excited to share with the world the powerful love and insights that emerge from the sacred internal and eternal space where all are One.