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With Qigong Master and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Grand Master Nan Lu

07/31/2024 12:30:00 AM
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Restore the flow of your Liver Qi during a guided Qigong practice, “The Power of Qi Circles,” featuring slow, rhythmic movements to help you experience the peace, calm, and flow of the Universal Qi you’re an essential part of.

Unlock the flow of Liver Qi that could be stuck in your wrist, elbow, shoulder, and waist as Grand Master Nan Lu guides you step-by-step.

Are you facing physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that negatively impact your quality of life?

Maybe you’re not able to cultivate a deep sense of fulfillment, peace, radiant good health and wellbeing due to mood swings, anxiety, sleep issues, and stress caused by the daily challenges you face.

Imagine revitalizing your energy levels, optimizing your digestion, and enjoying flexibility and comfort in your muscles and joints.

Envision achieving a balanced mood, peaceful sleep, and stress-free days, leading to a profound sense of fulfillment, peace, and radiant health and wellbeing.

It’s all possible when you address blocked Liver Qi, according to Qigong Grand Master Nan Lu. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, your liver is connected to all emotions and is most essential for all parts of your body to operate in harmony...

The intentional movements of Wu Ming Qigong can help your Liver Qi flow more efficiently than ever, addressing your persistent symptoms in the process.

If you’re ready to elevate your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being to enhance your quality of life, join Master Lu’s hour-long event as he introduces you to Wu Ming Qigong. ..

It’s a system of Qigong practice based on ancient Chinese tradition, focused on the cultivation of personal Qi (your life force) through refined movements and meditative exercises without control of the breath.

The Wu Ming Qigong system can bring balance and grace to your body and mind and bring your organs back into balance as it provides a profound connection to the cycle of neverending Universal life.

The increased Qi you’ll cultivate with Wu Ming Qigong’s focused movements can unlock vibrant health, balanced hormones, mental sharpness, weight loss, better sleep, reduced blood pressure, improved digestion and organ function, and much more.

During the event, you’ll experience Wu Ming Qigong principles in action during a guided practice, “The Power of Qi Circles” to begin to bring your Live Qi function back into flow so your overall health can return.

As your Liver Qi comes back into balance, the Qi Circles practice helps you experience the profound truth that you’re a child of the Universe, part of the universal, never-ending circle of life.

During this same Qi Circles practice, Master Lu will guide you step-by-step to unlock your wrist, elbow, shoulder, and waist until your entire body moves with the grace of oneness, just as you operate as part of the Universe itself.

With these slow rhythmic movements, you’ll experience peace, calm, and a sense of flow.

Join Master Lu to learn how you can balance your Liver Qi and access deep inner healing with the power of Wu Ming Qigong.


In this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:

  • How 80% of modern disease, according to Qigong masters, is related to blocked Qi in the liver and how gentle Qigong movements can help your liver function optimally once again, resulting in improved joint flexibility, lower cholesterol, more manageable PMS/menopause symptoms or prostate health, emotional balance, and physical flexibility
  • A guided Qigong practice, “The Power of Qi Circles,” features slow, rhythmic movements to help you restore the flow of your Liver Qi as you experience the peace, calm, and flow of the Universal Qi you’re an essential part of
  • How your Qigong practice can help you transcend fear and embrace empowerment when practiced through the lens of Taoist principles
  • The ways life can shift you away from your center, so it no longer feels like you’re connected to all of life and how you can reconnect to your center with the power of Qigong
  • Why the wisdom you’ve been seeking, including your self-healing ability, is coded within your genes right this moment and Qigong is the tool to help you access it

You’ll also learn how you can work more extensively with Master Lu in his new 7-week course. You’ll journey through the Wu Ming Qigong framework, practicing new movements each week to understand the personal meaning of oneness with nature and the Universe.

You’ll add and refine new movements in each module until you’ve assembled a complete routine called The Dragon Flows Between Heaven and Earth embracing the freedom of Qi flowing through the body, where deep healing occurs. You’ll also experience how the Dragon Flows form improves, your liver function, memory, balance, balance, and helps you cultivate deep-rooted inner peace.

For now, join Master Lu for his enlightening free event.

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Join this FREE video event with Grand Master Nan Lu and discover how you can achieve and maintain profound transformation and wellbeing with Wu Ming Qigong.

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07/31/2024 12:30:00 AM

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What People Are Saying About Grand Master Nan Lu...

“Master Lu is a rare and gifted teacher.”

Master Lu is a rare and gifted teacher. He shows his students exactly how mind, body, and spirit are connected by Qi. He has shown me how to use Qigong along with key principles of Chinese Medicine to experience profound self-healing. As a psychologist long interested in energy work, I’ve applied his teachings to help my clients open up their intuition, creativity, and healing gifts.

Larry Stoler, PhD

Past President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

EDIT 4928
“Never have I had a teacher who has been so easily able to take all of the aspects of health.”

Never have I had a teacher who has been so easily able to take all of the aspects of health — mental, physical, diet, exercise, genetics — and unite them under one simple philosophy. Instead of reciting the same memorized facts to patients, I am able to bring a new perspective that allows them to see their health differently and to completely change their lives.

Joseph Kessler, MD

Family practice physician, Madison Ohio

EDIT 4932
“From my very first encounter with Grand Master Nan Lu six years ago I knew that I had found an authentic master teacher.”

From my very first encounter with Grand Master Nan Lu six years ago I knew that I had found an authentic master teacher. His profound teachings and my immersion in Wu Ming Qi Gong have taken me far beyond my education as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and have propelled my personal spiritual journey, resulting in a balanced life and a thriving practice. This is a path of transformation at the highest level.

Judith Gibson, MSOM, LAc

Licensed acupuncturist, Tennessee

EDIT 4939
“My beloved teacher Grand Master Lu has transformed my life and so many others...”

My beloved teacher Grand Master Lu has transformed my life and so many others within his own evolution as teacher/practitioners. The convergence of Wu Ming Qigong practices with understanding the body’s potential for true balance within the Five Element Consciousness Framework, has lead to profound lifelong shifts.

Deborah Hallahan

Business owner, New York

EDIT 4943
“I was able to stop seven medications...”

Once I understood the truth behind Master Lu's programs, I was able to stop seven medications, transform 20 pounds of excess weight to useful energy for my life, and change professions. His unique approach gives me permission to digest and apply natural laws to my life at my own pace — and with pure joy.

Jenny Merdinger

Certified Dragon's Way Qigong® instructor and Medical Qigong practitioner

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About Grand Master Nan Lu

Nan Lu, OMD, is a renowned Qigong grandmaster, author, teacher, and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. His life’s mission is to help others discover their life’s purpose. His contagious passion for transformative healing is informed by 35 years of clinical practice, teaching, and a lifetime of his own self-cultivation. He has discovered through his own deep study with his masters that “answers lie within.” Having walked that path, he brings a powerful combination of humor, insight, and clinical wisdom to all of his teachings.

He has empowered thousands of patients and students to heal chronic and severe health conditions by discovering their own innate healing abilty. He is the author of five books on self-healing, is a clinical associate professor at SUNY Stony Brook, School of Social Welfare, a master herbalist, and an internationally-recognized Taiji expert. His skills include the healing essence of food as well as calligraphy and music. He is the only remaining holder of the Ziranmen lineage, a unique Taoist natural or “no form” style of martial arts. It is a powerful, internal martial arts system that incorporates Qigong, meditation, combat techniques, and Taoist philosophy.

Nan Lu is the founding director of Tao of Healing, a healing center, and founding director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation (TCMWF), both in New York City. He has trained and certified hundreds of practitioners of LifeForce: Tao of Medical Qigong, Qigong Meridian Therapy, Xiao Dao, and Qigong and Breast Health. In addition, his instructors of Dragon’s Way Qigong® are found in 20 states in the U.S. as well as in France, Spain, and Iceland.